Password Manager for your devices,
save, manage and sync your passwords.

Install on your computer from the Windows Store (Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10)
or download the previous releases of the program (Windows XP / Vista / 7).

Absolutely free

The program will always be free. The user interface will never be used for advertising purposes. The most important thing - Jesus Password is open source hosted on GitHub.

User-friendly interface

Very easy to use interface at the same time very stylish and beautiful (according to developers). The program is easy to learn, even your child or grandmother can learn it.

Cloud Technology

The program uses synchronization with Microsoft OneDrive, which means that you can work with the program on all your devices running Windows 8 and above with no data loss

Build with love

The program is designed to provide an easy job with passwords from Web sites. It is not overrun with a bunch of unnecessary functions like other similar projects

Timeline of developing

Follow the development in the "online" mode. You can see the development plans, current issues of development and speak with the developer in the comments.

Previous editions

If you do not like Windows 8 and above. Here the old releases for previous versions of the OS. Please note that the support for previous releases is not possible!

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